UNLIMITED 2019: Global Health Conference

We are pleased to announce the following speakers for our 2019 UNLIMITED Conference. To view more detailed biographies please click the track titles:

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr. Rick Hodes
  • Dr. Hilarie Cranmer
  • Dr. Paul Osteen

Global Surgery:

Subspecialties in Surgery-

Moderator: Dr. Richard Caplan

  • Dr. Nabeel Zafar
  • Dr. Abler Abdelnaby
  • Dr. Jaymie Henry

Education and Training in Surgery-

Moderator: Dr. Rachel Davis

  • Dr. Charles Balch
  • Margaret Tarpley
  • Dr. Megan Vu

Capacity Building in Surgery-

Moderator: Dr. Larry Hollier

  • Dr. Emily Smith
  • Dr. Tamara Fitzgerald
  • Sadie Bazur-Leidy

Translational Science in Global Health:

Moderator: Dr. Patricia Brock

  • Dr. Huda Zoghbi
  • Dr. William Zoghbi
  • Dr. Anna Mandalakas

Health Policy and Ethics:

Moderator: Dr. Sherene Sharath

  • Dr. Catherine Troisi
  • Dr. Peter Navario
  • Dr. Cedric Dark

Behavioral Health:

Moderator: Dr. Christine Markham

  • Dr. George Khalil
  • Dr. Shreela Sharma
  • Dr. Sheryl McCurdy

Migrant Health: 

Moderator: Dr. Patricia Brock

  • Dr. Ray Hachem
  • Dr. Stephen Spann
  • Dr. Karla Fredricks

Global Tech Innovations:

Moderator: Dr. Rachel Davis

  • Sonia Sosa
  • Dr. Abdullah Saleh
  • Dr. Elie Balesh


  • Sonia Sosa and Dr. Veronica Leautaud
  • Dr. Christine Markham
  • Aastha Sharma
  • Dr. Kumar Alagappan
  • Benita Mahanta

Plenary Speakers:

Moderator: Jessica Lin

  • Rowland Pettit
  • Malak El Sabeh
  • Vaishali Patil