Conference Schedule

Saturday, March 21st

Health InnovationsMaternal and Child HealthCommunicable Diseases
8:10Opening Session
Conference Executive Committee
8:20-9:20 Human-Centered Design
Isaac Holeman, MPhil
9:30-10:45NASA’s Human Health and Performance Business Model to Accelerate Innovation
Jeff Davis, MD, MS

Lab-to-Market: An Intellectual Property Attorney’s Perspective on Navigating the Path to Commercialization
Kurt Hammerle, JD
HIV in the Middle East: Mothers and Young Women at Risk
Ariana Marnicio

Global Maternal Mortality and Morbidity
Susan Ramin, MD
Meningitis and Encephalitis: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges
Rodrigo Hasbun, MD, MPH

Exemptions Gone Viral--The Global Impact of the Anti-vaccine Movement
Anna Dragsbaek, JD
11:00-12:15Improving Lives Through Technology Innovation at Rice 360°
Veronica Leautaud, PhD

Healthcare Anywhere - Even Outer Space
Dorit Donoviel, PhD
Preterm Birth: Why Being Born Too Soon is a Problem for Both Moms and Babies
Kjersti Marie Aagaard, MD, PhD, MSCI, FACOG

Measuring Improvements in Health: A Primary Care Perspective
Shannon Barkley, MD, MPH
Understanding the Global Impact of Soft Tick-transmitted Pathogens
Job Lopez, PhD

Development of a preventive inactivated HIV vaccine
Adan Rios, MD
12:15-1:45Lunch and Poster Session
2:00-3:00Oral Abstracts:
Mateo Prochazka
Priyanka Jain
Paul Hausknecht 
Oral Abstracts:
Stephanie Allen 
Y. Alicia Hong
Patricia Bryan
Jolene Damoiseaux
Oral Abstracts:
Elizabeth Nichols
Neima Briggs
3:15-4:30Nanopore Technology -“Small” platforms enabling “big” changes in disease detection
Tony Hu, PhD

Cardiac Ultrasound – Don’t leave home without it!
Jennifer Carnell, MD
Sustainable approaches to turn the tide on childhood TB
Anna Mandalakas, MD, MSEpi

Global Medicine in Vietnam: Making a Difference Beyond Our Borders
Thuy Phung, MD, PhD
Impact of parasites on intestinal microbiome and morbidity in children
Rojelio Mejia, MD

Animals, People, and the Environment: "One Health"
Herbert Dupont, MD
4:45-5:45Peter Hotez, MD, PhD
6:00-7:00Cocktail Party

Sunday, March 22nd

Emerging ThreatsBuilding Partnerships: Lessons from the FieldNon-Communicable Diseases
8:10Opening Session
Conference Executive Committee
8:20-9:20Ebola and the Shaping of U.S. and International Law
Vickie Sutton, MPA, PhD, JD
9:30-10:45Syrian Medical Team Under Siege
Monzer Yazji, MD

U.S. Drug Policy and Mexico
Nathan P. Jones, PhD, MPH
The Architecture of a Shared Leadership Model for Health Systems Strengthening Initiatives Led by a U.S.-based Academic Hospital
Michael Walsh, MHA, FACHE

Doctors for Change: Improving Health Outcomes in Texas
Lee Bar-Eli, MD, Claire Bocchini, MD, Wilson Lam, MD
Combating Cancer in sub-Saharan Africa through Training and Education
Shubra Ghosh, MD, CCRP

ASPIRE (A Smoking Prevention Interactive Experience): Past, Present and Future
Karen Calabro, DrPH
11:00-12:15The Problems of “Special Pathogens”
Alfred Scott Lea, MD

What Every Public Health Professional Needs to Know About “Global Health Security”
Robert Emery, DrPH
Migrant Fatalities on the US/Mexico Border: Partnership-Building to Reduce Disparities in Prevention, DNA Sampling and Database Tracking
Maria Jimenez, BA

Coalitions that Work
Gary Eagleton, BS
The Obesity Pandemic - is it ending or only the beginning?
Shreela Sharma, PhD, RD, LD

Global Mental Health: Lessons from Fiji
Cheryl Person, MD
12:15-12:45Break / Pick Up Lunch
Hidden Pictures: A personal journey through global mental health
Oral Abstracts:
Caroline Hawes
Sarah Bredeson
Rachita Murthy
Oluwabusayo Alade
Oral Abstracts:
Aisha S. Dickerson
Kanchana Raja
2:00-3:15Corruption and Averting AIDS Deaths
Willa Friedman, PhD

The Emergency Smart Pod: An Innovative Healthcare Solution to Emerging Threats
Sarah Michel
Cancer Care in Low-Income Countries: the Current State & the Way Forward
Andre Ilbawi, MD

Local Public Health Planning, Response, Recovery: “The Big Picture”
Mac McClendon
“Don’t our lives matter as much as the goods we produce?”: A global overview of disease and death among workers in low- and middle-income countries
Bethany Boggess, MPH (c), BS, CHES

Working conditions and health in Latin America
George Delclos, MD, MPH, PhD
3:30-4:30The Ebola Crisis: Overcoming the Odds
Lance Plyler, MD
4:30-5:00Closing Remarks/Awards