Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

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Hacking for Human Rights: An Open Data Project to Improve Global Occupational Fatality Surveillance

Bethany Boggess

A Wellness Education Program for Bhutanese Refugees

Cecilia Cai, Diana Whitney, David Savage, Erika L. Wood, and Sophia Banu

The Initiation of an Undergraduate Research Project involving a Metagenomic Study of Viral Populations Carried by Mosquitos in the Houston Area

I Calles, C Anokwuru, T Chilcott, E Hysi, S Menendez, RA Bagnall, RC Rosell, D McWhinney, P Ward, and M Larios-Sanz

Stakeholders’ perspectives on building health systems in rural Uganda

Carol Chen, Andrea T. Cruz, Heather H. Goltz, and M. Sampayo

Designing and Teaching a Course on International Research Ethics

Andrew Childress

Narrative of African American Women: The Taboo of Breast

Vanessa L. Cox and Sheryl A. McCurdy

High-Resolution Melt Analysis To Determine Mutations Conferring Drug Resistance in Mycobacterium leprae

Meghna Dara

Quantifying the spatial heterogeneity of insecticide resistance patterns in Aedes aegypti in 5 dengue endemic communities in Yucatan, Mexico

Regan Deming, Bryant Jones, Marissa Grossman, Edgar Koyoc- Cardeña, Anuar Medina-Barreiro, Pablo Manrique-Saide, Gonzalo Vazquez-Prokopec, and Audrey Lenhart

Using Mobile Phones to Augment Immunization Efforts in Palestinian Refugee Camps

Eman Bahrani, Batoul Abuharb, Cherie Fathy, and Jordan Schermerhorn

Leprosy Deformity Prevalence in a Suburban Mumbai Clinic

Paul A. Fickey Jr., Susan E. Owens, and W.S. Bhatki

Specific targeting of tau oligomers in Htau mice prevents cognitive impairment and tau pathology following injection with brain-derived tau oligomeric seeds

Julia Gerson

Recombinase Polymerase Amplification: A new low-cost molecular method to diagnose Fascioliasis in low resource settings

Howard Gill, Scott Tlanda, Victoria Shepard, Marissa Lawson, Rigoberto Hernandez, and Chinonso Ogbonnah

Promoting Oral Health Education and Hygiene in the Low- income Geriatric Community

Mary Glasheen and Francisco Nieves

Babymetrix: Measuring Away Malnutrition

Pablo Henning, Michael Gwede, Swetha Kotamraju, and Jesal Shah

Doctor’s Role on increasing rates of C-section in Latin America

Sherry Igbinigie

Molecular diagnostics of gastrointestinal parasitic infections in an international setting

Rebecca Jeun

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Children: A community health worker’s guide and curriculum for teaching maternal and infant health in Haiti

Kathryn Kramer

Utility of Qualitative Research for Assessment of Attitudes and Knowledge on Preterm Birth in a Low Resource Setting

Judy Levison

Compulsory Patent Licensing to Increase Access to Medicine: An Exploratory Econometric Analysis for 193 Countries

Chang-sik Min and Lawrence O. Gostin

Cardiometabolic Side Effects Associated with 2nd Line Antiretroviral Therapy at the Mbagathi District Hospital Comprehensive Care Clinic.

Joshua S. Mintz, Philip Keiser, Loice Achieng, Stephen N. Kiio, C.F. Otieno, Rebecca Munywoki, and Lily Kwatampora

Implications for Health Systems Management through Big Data Analysis with Medicare Data

Daniel A. Nguyen and Christina N. Vo

Access to Reproductive Information and Healthcare for Women with Mobility Impairments in Macedonia: Empowering Partnerships

Margaret Nosek

The Use of Physical Therapy to Manage Leprosy Deformities

Susan Owens, Paul Fickey, and Bhatki, W.S Paul

In-vivo Multimodal Optical Imaging of Oral Epithelial Neoplasia

Rahul Pal, Junping Yang, Kert Edward, Liang Ma, Tuya Shilagard, and Gracie Vargas

Enabling Patient Access to Pharmacogenetic Drug Research

Kanchana Raja

Safe Mothers Safe Babies: A Case Study in Participatory Development

Serena Rodriguez and Alison Winters

An emerging role for the anti-inflammatory cytokine Interleukin-10 in persistent bacterial infections.

Abinav Kumar Singh and Nagaraja R. Thirumalapura

BiliQuant: A Spectrophotometric Jaundice Diagnostic for the Developing World

Stephanie Tzouanas, Melody Tan, Jacinta Leyden, Monica Barrera, and Rohan Shah


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