Disaster Recovery Speakers

Disaster Recovery

Nancy Correa

Nancy Correa is the Senior Community Initiatives Coordinator for the Section of Public Health Pediatrics at Texas Children’s Hospital.  In this role, she leads community collaboratives to strategically address gaps in practice and knowledge to mitigate childhood adversities and foster resilience in individuals, families, and communities.  Nancy has over ten years of experience in public health conducting needs assessments, implementing evidence-based programs, leading evaluations, and facilitating collaboratives.  Nancy’s experience includes developing and implementing a strategy to make evidence-based parent support programs more widely available through schools, churches, afterschool programs, and healthcare clinics in Houston, Texas.  Nancy has a bachelor’s degree from Rice University in Chemistry and Health Policy and a masters degree from Boston University School of Public Health.

Suratha Elango, MD, MSHP

Suratha Elango, MD, MSHP received her bachelor’s degree in biology with honors from Harvard University and medical degree from UT Southwestern Medical School.  She then completed her residency and chief residency in pediatrics at the University of California San Francisco.  After residency, she became a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania where she obtained a Masters in Health Policy Research and gained further experiences in community health, cross-sector place-based initiatives, and systems and design thinking.  Dr. Elango moved to Houston in August 2017 as an Assistant Professor in the Section of Community Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine. She works clinically at the Texas Children’s Health Plan Center for Children and Women Southwest and is also leading a Texas Children’s Hospital initiative to help address the social needs of families affected by Harvey.
Recovering After Harvey: Challenges in Connecting to Resources From the Individual, Organizational, and System Perspectives

On August 26, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston, […]

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3PL COMPANIES (Essay Sample)

Sample provided by essayzoo.org

The growth of 3pl companies began back in the 1980,s when business began to look for new ways in which they could outsource logistics functions and concentrate on their core business, one company that has been associated with 3pl revolution is FedEx Company. The company’s overnight delivery services changed the way in which business to business and business to customer transactions operated. This offered business opportunity of using just in time techniques led to smaller and more efficient shipment sizes, which in turn further reduced costs. There was also increased globalization and increased use of information technology. These trends resulted in increased demand on firm’s products and possibilities for companies to operate more competitively and leanly. Furthermore as companies saw the benefits of outsourcing delivery and warehousing functions, the number of third party logistics companies began to rise offering an ever increasing number of services .The increasing number of 3pl inevitably led to increased competition between the firms which led to greater savings for companies that employed them. The last decades has seen 3pl provider transition from a local or regional business to one that offers national or global coverage. A 3PL company is a private firm that provides logistics services under a contract to a primary manufacturer, vendor, or user of a product or service. It is called third-party because the logistics provider does not own the products but participates in the supply chain at points between the manufacturer and the user of a given product. The 3PL can perform logistics functions of their customer either completely or only in part. Initially, the 3PL were carriers, storage companies or forwarding agents. Currently, they diversified by offering various services and by […]

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