8th Annual Global Health Conference

We are pleased to announce the following speakers for our 8th Annual Global Health Conference. To view more detailed biographies please click the track titles:

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr. Maria Bottazzi
  • Dr. Theresa Ochoa
  • Dr. Stephen Klineberg

Health Policy and Ethics:

Moderator: Dr. Sheryl McCurdy

  • Meredith Walsh
  • Dr. Jeffrey Ashley
  • Janet Kasper

Global Health Technology and Innovation:

Moderator: Dr. Sharmila Anandasabapathy

  • Dr. Andi Gobin
  • Jose Gomez-Marquez
  • Melissa Varon

Global Surgery:

Moderator: Dr. Rachel Davis

  • Dr. Youmna Serif
  • Dr. Kjersti Aagaard
  • Dr. Jed Nuchtern

Psychosocial Issues:

Moderator: Dr. Beatrice Selwyn

  • Dr. Sophia Banu
  • Jacquelyn Aluotto
  • Dr. McClain Sampson

Neglected Tropical Diseases:

Moderator: Dr. Andrew Dinardo

  • Dr. Eric Brown
  • Dr. Jill Weatherhead
  • Dr. Kristy O. Murray

Global Oncology:

Moderator: Dr. Syeed Nabeel Zafar

  • Dr. Joseph Lubega
  • Dr. Chidinma Pamela Anakwenze
  • Dr. Mark Zafereo

Emerging Threats: 

Moderator: Dr. Rohith Malya

  • Dr. Nahid Rianon
  • Dr. Philip Bedient
  • Dr. Alexandra Van den Berg

Sustainable Health Relief:

Moderator: Dr. Christine Markham

  • Dr. Clifford Dasco
  • Walter Ulrich
  • Dr. Ruth Berggren

Bioterrorism and Public Health Emergency Preparedness:

Moderator: Dr. Tara Prezioso

  • Dr. Scott Patlovich
  • Dr. Dario Gonzalez
  • Dr. Carol Porter
  • Dr. Umair Shah

Global Health Communications:

Moderator: Dr. Monisha Arya

  • Dr. Peter Hotez
  • Natacha Poggio
  • Dr. Barbara Gastel


  • Eric Liga
  • Dr. Brenda Quintanilla
  • Chris Wong
  • Valentina Gomez Bravo

Plenary Speakers:

  • Marie Kasbaum
  • Sergio Navarro
  • Calbeth Alaribe